Water Filters

Good health starts with great water.

'Water's Co' offer a range of great-tasting, clean, safe, drinking water filters for domestic use and travel.

These filters turn your tap water into refreshing alkaline mineral water as nature intended.

Water's industry-leading filtration includes sub-micron pre-filters, silver ionised activated carbon, nano activated carbon, magnets, bioceramics, organic germanium, bio-organic coral and silica sands.

Remove bad taste, odour, chemicals, heavy metals, fluoride and bacteria.


♥MyWaterJug 1.5L Water filter Jug

AceBio+ 1.0 Litre Alkaline Mineral Water Filter Jug

BIO 400 & 500 5.25L Bench Top Water Filters

BIO 1000 10L Bench Top Water Filters

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