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Freya RichesFreya Riches
10:45 09 Jul 24
Jane is an amazing trichologist. After suffering for years without a diagnosis she was able to tell me what my scalp issues were. So pleased to have found Jane, she answered all questions and broke everything down for me simply. Highly recommend!
Siddhant Bista ChettriSiddhant Bista Chettri
12:27 05 Jul 24
I recently had the pleasure of seeing Jane regarding a persistent problem with my scalp that I had been experiencing for years.Jane took the time to really listen to my concerns and thoroughly examined my scalp. What I appreciated the most was how she explained everything in a way that was easy to understand, without any medical jargon. I felt confident in her treatment plan.I can already see so much improvement in my scalp in a short period of time, and the problems I had for years are reducing day by day. Thank you so much, Jane.
Ajay MehlaAjay Mehla
01:02 05 Jul 24
23:44 11 Jun 24
My experience with Jane at The HairPhysio has been great! Jane knows her stuff and really took the time to explain what’s going on with my scalp. She even answered all the general hair and scalp questions I had. She’s a really great trichologist and I’m glad she’s here in Perth. All the other trichologists I could find only advertise covering hair loss. Thanks Jane! ????
Drita DemiriDrita Demiri
11:02 28 May 24
I’m cannot recommend seeing Jane enough! Her outstanding knowledge has been life changing for me on my hair journey. If you are worried about your hair, please make an appointment with Jane!
Chelsea AngelChelsea Angel
06:52 28 May 24
Jane is so knowledgeable, caring, kind and patient. Having worked in the medical profession my whole career, I can attest to Jane having one of the best bedside manners I have encountered. Highly recommended. Thank you Jane
Mahiraj ThakorMahiraj Thakor
06:41 06 May 24
Struggled with Seborrheic Dermatitis for a while, but seeing Jane was a game-changer! Within the first week of following her recommendations, I noticed a significant improvement. Highly recommend her expertise!
carol eatoncarol eaton
11:26 30 Apr 24
I would highly recommend Jane at the Hair Physio. Her knowledge in explaining my hair loss & reason why, has given me more confidence in understanding what is going on & what I can do at home to improve the hair follicle growth without any other costs to me. Jane is very easy to talk to & I feel 100% confident in referring her to my family & friends for a consultation.
Steve WorrallSteve Worrall
07:01 23 Apr 24
Jane,Thank you for your care and assistance in getting my scalp back to its healthier self.You are clearly knowledgeable in the hair and scalp care field, and the care regime you prepared and products supplied were successful and easy to follow.Thank again.Steve
Arunima GitaiArunima Gitai
08:46 06 Feb 24
After struggling with persistent dandruff and hair shedding for years, finding Jane was a game-changer. Over nine months, her expert care and tailored treatments have transformed my scalp health and hair vitality. Not only have the dandruff and shedding is almost resolved, but my hair also looks and feels healthier than ever. Jane's approach was both professional and compassionate, making every session a positive experience. I am deeply grateful for the remarkable improvement in my hair and scalp health. Highly recommend Jane to anyone facing similar issues!
Ben GordonBen Gordon
00:42 31 Jan 24
Jane is absolutely fantastic, having access to an expert who is so knowledgeable, kind, empathetic and professional is essential when dealing with hairloss, I highly recommend and encourage anyone dealing with hairloss to go see Jane
Benjamin DaviesBenjamin Davies
12:18 23 Jan 24
Jane provided me with a great solution to clear my scalp problem up. She is very knowledgeable, helpful and understanding
Praveen HoodaPraveen Hooda
13:29 06 Jan 24
Jane has excellent approach from the day one. I have been struggling with my scalp issues since many years , resulted in reduced hair count.But after my first appointment with Jane, within first week of treatment I felt the difference and now my scalp is very healthy and my hair count has significant improvement.Jane diagnosed the root cause, rather than just treating the symptoms! Thanks Jane I don't need to stress about my scalp issues anymore.
giorgia marcongiorgia marcon
07:40 06 Jan 24
I have experiences hair thinning since a year now. I have visited many places and I have never felt understood and or looked after !! :(I was truly upset and hopeless !Until I met Jane .Jane knows her job and she was capable to made me feel better and believe in the process.I have started the “therapy” only a week ago.So, I am not seeing any improvements just yet… !!She has told me that hair will take time to “heal” and I am all IN !!!!I am positive , I am giving a shot and I believe in her and in this.I stopped hating my hair and I want to be positive about this. ☺️Thank you Jane for always being there and always answering to all my questions.Thank you heaps !Super appreciatedGiorgia ☺️☺️☺️
Lani CarruthersLani Carruthers
09:52 15 Dec 23
Jane is incredibly insightful. She was patient and answered all my questions and provided effective strategies which brought my scalp back to health in 4 weeks! I would highly recommend her for any of your concerns!
David PochybaDavid Pochyba
12:57 05 Dec 23
If you struggle with the hair loss, Jane is the best person to visit in Perth. She helped me with hair thinning and only after 4 months I could already see the improvement.Highly recommended.
Rebekah AlexanderRebekah Alexander
12:44 27 Nov 23
Within 1 month I saw new hair growth, and 4 months after seeing Jane I’m so pleased with the reduced hair shedding and new growth. I just wish I didn’t buy into all the gimmicks online and saw Jane at the HairPhysio sooner.
Steve BlanchfieldSteve Blanchfield
12:45 21 Nov 23
Can highly recommend Jane at The Hair Physio. After experiencing hair loss on scalp and eyebrow Jane’s expertise and recommendation produced full re-growth in the problem areas. Thanks again Jane, awesome!
Alat MakueiAlat Makuei
10:10 06 Nov 23
I visited Jane after having excessive dandruff for some years now it got worse each time. Jane did an amazing and thorough consultation with me and give me a detailed treatment plan and I am extremely happy with the results after 4 weeks. I highly recommend Jane for anyone looking to solve their hair concerns. Thank you Jane for being so professional.
Eline DoehneEline Doehne
00:25 28 Oct 23
Jane is definitely the go to person for hair and scalp issues and I would highly recommend her. She help me clear up my scalp condition that I have been living with for over 10 years. Many others have failed. She doesn’t only treat the condition but also looks at the underlying causes for long term prevention. A big thank you.
05:37 25 Oct 23
I've seen Jane for the last 8 months in relation to an autoimmune condition affecting my hair/scalp, and have found Jane to be very knowledgeable, friendly, and supportive.
08:38 19 Oct 23
Easily helped fix a scalp issue I have had for ages. Highly recommend ????
Vanessa NewellVanessa Newell
10:57 18 Oct 23
After one consultation and following Jane's great advice, my son's condition cleared up within the first week! We were amazed by the result and so thankful for Jane's great advice! So worth it to consult with Jane - she explained everything so clearly and answered all our questions, provided an excellent report with photos so we could understand what we were dealing with, and she handled my son with care and consideration - so helpful! Highly recommend Jane's business and services!
Dei ñe (ñeña)Dei ñe (ñeña)
00:15 18 Oct 23
I had my first appointment with Jane and so far it has been extremely helpful and informative.After almost one year suffering of hair loss and seborrheic dermatitis with no much help from my GP, I decided to visit Jane and take a deeper care of my scalp and hair health.She is very professional and sensitive.I will follow her recommendations. Hopefully in a few months my hair will be back as healthy as it was.
Parvan GillParvan Gill
03:39 14 Oct 23
Since experiencing hair thinning in 2022, Jane has been my go to Trichologist for recommendations and advice. Jane has shed so much more light than any of the dermatologists I have seen in the last year. With Jane’s extensive knowledge, I leave each consult feeling empowered and less stressed about my hair loss. Thank you Jane for always being there for me and all my questions- I appreciate all that you do!
Olivia MilevskiOlivia Milevski
01:03 11 Oct 23
Janes has brought answers, clarity and calm in the desperation to recover my hair. At a time when i was feeling at a lose and pouring money down the drain, Jane brought a huge sense of relief, followed by a successful hair recovery process. I feel so much more at ease. Thanks Jane
Gary LloydGary Lloyd
10:47 10 Oct 23
Jane is highly experienced in all things hair and scalp health. She provides excellent advice, ethical treatment plans, which don’t cost a fortune and is also very helpful. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her if you have hair loss or scalp concerns.
Tatum CrockerTatum Crocker
11:57 05 Oct 23
Jane is beyond amazing. Super helpful and knowledgeable- highly recommend!
Laura ColemanLaura Coleman
06:18 05 Oct 23
I can highly recommend Jane! She's been so helpful and reassuring during all my visits. She's also taken the time to explain everything really clearly - I've learnt so much along the way. Thanks Jane ????
07:43 04 Oct 23
I have been seeing Jane for nearly a year after experiencing excessive hair loss and scalp concerns. From the moment I met Jane, I was at ease with her genuine care, compassion and down to earth manner. Upon taking on board Jane’s advice, my hair and scalp are now in the best condition then I can ever remember. Jane’s ability to easily explain all of the factors and underlying issues that contribute to a healthy scalp and subsequent hair growth has been so life changing and testament to her vast knowledge and expertise.I would highly recommend Jane to anyone that has any scalp or hair issues.
05:42 29 Sep 23
I can’t recommend Jane (The Hair Physio) enough! My first appointment was 3.5 years ago when my hair started thinning, and Jane was so knowledgeable, helpful, and kind. She recommended the Hair Recovery Programme for me, and it’s worked WONDERS on my hair - my hair (especially around my hairline) is noticeably more dense than it’s ever been. I still go to Jane after all these years - I can’t recommend her enough!
D JohnsonD Johnson
06:17 28 Sep 23
Jane provides very helpful advice when it comes to hair loss and thining hair. I have been a client of Jane for over 5 years. Jane sells products which are made up of natural ingredients. I still buy the Grace Tricho Gel on a regular basis.
Karl SzaboKarl Szabo
03:49 15 Sep 23
I highly recommend Jane. She provides close examination of the scalp, with results you can see, furthermore she is both supportive and educational.
Kelli mannKelli mann
08:27 04 Sep 23
Jane possesses extensive knowledge on thinning hair and scalp care. She provides valuable feedback & strategies to address the core issues causing hair thinning.
Gail StewartGail Stewart
08:22 04 Sep 23
So grateful to have found Jane. Compassionate, knowledgeable and solution orientated. Highly recommended!!!
Karen DonaldsonKaren Donaldson
13:08 01 Sep 23
Jane from the hairphysio has been amazing and given me strength and hope about the hair thinning I have experienced during my adult life. With her skill and knowledge and beautiful, kind and professional manner she has worked through issues I’ve struggled with and has me on the path to healthy scalp and hair. I can’t believe the treatment and options available for better skin and scalp health. I would recommend Jane at the hairphysio if you want a true caring and compassionate health professional to help you.
Laura SprostonLaura Sproston
06:38 28 Aug 23
Excellent service, advice and help. Thank you 🙂
Sharryn SinclairSharryn Sinclair
04:50 09 Aug 23
Jane from Hair Physio is fantastic. Her knowledge and professionalism speaks for itself as well as she has a lovely kind nature.. We highly recommend our clients to Jane.
Martina BiasionMartina Biasion
06:27 10 Jul 23
Jane is amazing!Really helpful!
Katie LlewellKatie Llewell
02:32 10 Jul 23
Jane provided the best support during a very distressing time.My journey began when I started getting bald patches all over my scalp. My GP recommended me to a dermatologist however they were not much help. A friend recommended I see a Trichologist, I booked in with Jane and was provided the most informative assessment, Jane acted quickly in my treatment and throughout the entire journey educated me on the possible causes and strategies to elevate my alopecia areata. Nearly a year later and I no longer have any bald patches. I highly recommend Jane as she embodies evidence based, nurturing and non judgemental support.
Chantal MammoneChantal Mammone
05:40 19 Jun 23
Jane was absolutely amazing! Can’t thank her enough for fitting me in asap, and helping me. Will definitely be back, thank you Jane.
12:24 17 Jun 23
I had a great experience with Jane. I was suffering from a very itchy scalp and thinning of hair. I decided to book a consultation with a trichologist who was very professional and knowledgeable. Jane examined my hair and scalp and explained the possible causes and treatments for my condition. She wrote me a list of bloods to be performed for any nutritional deficiencies or imbalances that could affect my hair growth. She prescribed me some topical and supplements and gave me some advice on how to care for my hair and scalp at home. After following her recommendations for a few weeks with my prescribed medical grade shampoo, I noticed a significant improvement in scalp quality within the first three weeks. I am very happy with the results and I would highly recommend Jane to anyone who is struggling with hair loss or scalp problems. Kelly Matthews
08:50 16 Jun 23
Jane is very warm and welcoming. She provided me with great information and advice. Her plan for improved hair growth has been working so I would highly recommend her.
Deirdre MaddalenaDeirdre Maddalena
01:53 13 Jun 23
Jane was incredibly welcoming and helpful. Her calming approach to my concerns made my consultation experience feel more comfortable regarding a sensitive condition. Jane discussed my diagnosis in more detail than the doctors I have seen. It was very insightful to visually see the condition of my scalp, and as a result, I have a better understanding. Jane is definitely the specialist to visit for any scalp or hair concerns. Thank you, Jane.
Monica HunterMonica Hunter
03:58 06 May 23
My journey with hair loss over the years has been quite frustrating with various medical professionals not really listening to my feelings and being quick to prescribe medications. Jane has a beautiful "bedside manner" and takes the time to listen and discuss. I am comfortable with my treatment plan which is being overseen by both Jane and my dermatologist and I am seeing results, which is very exciting!
Sioban GraceSioban Grace
06:01 21 Mar 23
I have had 2 appointments with Jane in regards to female hair loss, stress and traction alopecia. Jane is very knowledgeable and explains everything thoroughly. It has been 6 months since I first visited Jane and I am already seeing improvements in my hair growth. Definitely recommend Jane.
Fiona NowlandFiona Nowland
10:06 12 Dec 22
Jane handled my concerns of deteriorating health and thinning of hair with sensitive expertise and considerable professional knowledge. As a specialist in her field, Jane is genuinely passionate about her vocation, and was able to add valuable insight into solutions going forward. I only wish I had the opportunity to meet Jane many years ago, and I highly recommend her for all ages.
Benjamin AveryBenjamin Avery
01:47 08 Dec 22
I was highly impressed with my appointment at the Hair Physio with Jane. Jane was not only highly knowledgeable but also very assisting in helping with my hair problems. She is methodical when making decisions regarding treatments plans, and has your best interests. I am 1 month into a 6 month treatment plan created by Jane and look forward to seeing positive results down the track. I would highly recommend booking an appointment for anyone concerned with their scalp/hair.
chelsey mullallychelsey mullally
00:04 08 Dec 22
Jane is a very warm and caring person who is extremely knowledgeable and affordable. Her follow up service is amazing and I would definitely recommend her. I wish I had made an appointment sooner! Chelsey
Victoria CornfordVictoria Cornford
09:02 06 Dec 22
Very happy with my experience at the Hairphysio. The consultation was professional and reflected a true knowledge for all things scalp related. Jane is personable and tailored the consult to meet my needs and concerns, and my scalp and hair are 1000 times happier. Jane aims to discover any additional underlying causes, and am so chuffed to continue on my healthy scalp and hair journey. Thank you, Jane!
Paris JonesParis Jones
00:33 18 Nov 22
I made an appointment to see Jane to discuss concerns I had with the significant hair loss I was experiencing as well as having a very dry scalp. Hair loss is a very sensitive subject but Jane immediately put me at ease and I knew straight away that I had made the right decision to come and see her. Jane was able to diagnose my issue as well as give me a very in depth explanation of what my options were. I am now 2 months into my treatment and have noticed a huge difference in my hair. I can't tell you how glad I am that I made the appointment to see Jane. I would recommend her to anyone who is having scalp or hair loss issues.
Alfie BAlfie B
10:37 15 Jul 22
I had a very pleasant experience with HairPhysio. Jane is a professional,  knowledgable and very understanding. I visited Jane in relation to a scalp problem and hair shedding, that was happening over an extended period of time and nobody could find the reason. After seeing Jane i felt instant relief as she was able to tell me exactly what the problem was. I have a healthy scalp and hair shedding has stopped. Very happy with the outcome and the service. Thank you Jane.
June ReganJune Regan
07:34 14 Mar 22
Thanks Jane for your help and dedication with solving my hair loss issues. I now feel I’m on the right track and my hair is recovering. ?
Claudia BrownClaudia Brown
06:07 15 Feb 22
Thank you Jane for all of your help, perseverance, kindness and endlessly answering my questions throughout my journey. My hair has now recovered enough that I am not so worried about it, thanks to you. Amazing service!
Aimee CAimee C
11:16 15 Dec 21
I recently visited Jane in relation to hair shedding that had occured over the last year and instantly felt at ease! Jane was incredibly understanding, knowledgeable and professional throughout my consultation and follow up appointment. My potential triggers were thoroughly examined and discussed leaving me with a very clear plan moving forward. I can't thank Jane enough for assisting me through this process!
Jesse LaytonJesse Layton
09:14 14 Oct 21
I rarely write reviews but the service I received from Jane was so good, it deemed one. The expertise and professionalism was far better than from any dermatologist I've seen. Jane knows exactly what she is doing and was able to properly diagnose the problem I was facing at the time. Through a thorough scalp examination, Jane discovered another underlining issue that I had no idea about and was able to provide reassurance and a list of many different treatment options for me. Jane was always available via email to answer any follow-up questions that I had so, I could tell she really wanted to help. Thanks Jane!
Beth MooreBeth Moore
08:07 06 Oct 21
Thank you for the brilliant service and patience. I'm so happy with my hair and scalp and the way things have turned out. I will recommend you to everyone i know=) Beth x
Daniel FletcherDaniel Fletcher
10:37 29 Aug 21
Thanks to Jane’s knowledge and help i have my hair back. A professional from start to finish and gives an honest opinion too! Cheers Jane.
Taylor ClarkeTaylor Clarke
08:59 20 Aug 21
Thanks Jane for the amazing advice and help with clearing up my scalp problem. I can’t believe it was so easy to do after having the issue for so long. My scalp and hair now look super healthy! See you in 6 months for a review. ?
Monica TurnerMonica Turner
08:37 06 Jul 21
Jane and her services have really helped me. I was passed around by doctors for many months before I booked an appointment to see her. Within 20mins she had told me what was wrong and what treatments were available. 6 months on and my scalp has never felt better, I didn’t really have any hair loss, but I feel my hair has also improved. Thanks again Jane. ?
Sophie CloughSophie Clough
10:22 23 Jun 21
Jane has been looking after my hair and scalp for the last two years. I am amazed at what she knows. I’m so pleased with how healthy my hair looks now and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone. She’s the best. 🙂
Binita KaurBinita Kaur
11:38 10 May 21
Jane is a true professional and an expert in her field. She has helped me uncover what is causing my hair loss and reassured me when I felt scared about losing my hair. After 5 months of treatment my hair feels and looks great, I’ve so many new hairs sticking up all over the scalp.Thank you Jane.
Paul ThomasPaul Thomas
11:19 03 May 21
I would recommend Jane to anyone who has scalp problems. I cant believe how quickly she has managed to clear my skin on my scalp after years of issues. Im no longer embarrassed and self conscious. Thanks Jane =)
Marianne JamesMarianne James
13:05 17 Mar 21
Fantastic service from Jane. After a thorough investigation she was able to pin point what was causing my hair loss and I’m now on the road to recovery. After being told by another hair loss clinic in Perth that my hair loss would require lifelong treatment, I’m so glad I got a second opinion. Thanks again and I’ll see you in a few months for a check up. M x
Sue HunterSue Hunter
10:35 21 Jan 21
Jane is just amazing! She is a true professional who listens and advises with honesty. I can't thank her enough for helping me with my hair and scalp problems. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Jane to anyone.
Chiara R.Chiara R.
23:00 25 Sep 20
Extensive knowledge and expertise in hair and scalp issues, thoroughness, professionalism, honesty, responsiveness and sensitivity are Jane’s key traits. She is a real specialist in hair and scalp issues: with the most honest and comprehensive medical/holistic approach she investigates and gets to the root of your problem, working out tailored treatment to effectively address and fix all the causes. Jane’s level of knowledge and expertise is unparalleled, coupled with her patience and responsiveness. I would strongly recommend Jane to whoever experiences hair and scalp issues.
Lucy TaylorLucy Taylor
12:12 15 Sep 20
I’ve been seeing Jane for the last two years for hair loss issues and I’m pleased to say I have had some amazing improvements. Jane is a true professional and has helped me so much with my confidence and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her. Lucy x
Hiba AlbattalHiba Albattal
07:08 13 Sep 20
I came across the HairPhysio a few weeks ago and booked to go in to see Jane. I am so blessed that I did. After having issues with my hair for so many years, Jane was able to pin-point the reasons for these issues, and I am undergoing my treatment. What I appreciated most was Jane's honesty, as she did not try to push or sell products (which a lot of places do when it comes to the medical/beauty industry). Whenever I asked a question that would require effort and money, Jane said I would be wasting my efforts on the thoughts I had. This gave me comfort in knowing that I was receiving accurate and honest information.I walked in thinking there was little hope, and have walked out feeling very hopeful to better hair. I will update results as it progresses, but I highly recommend Jane for all hair and scalp issues as she is very knowledgeable about the entire process of hair care and growth.
Denis averyDenis avery
09:05 09 Aug 20
Jane was very helpful, compassionate and provided me with a wealth of advice, most helpful and i am glad that i made the time to make an appointment with her.
Frances LewingtonFrances Lewington
02:29 17 Jul 20
I would recommend anyone who is suffering from hair loss to see Jane. Jane has helped me when I really was very low in my self confidence. The treatment that she recommended worked very well. My hair is much thicker. I feel very fortunate that I found Jane. She is honest, caring and has a wonderful sense of humour which helps put you at ease.