Meet Jane

Jane Davies WTS IAT is a passionate professional Certified Clinical Trichologist with three decades of experience of working with hair and scalps.

Jane began her passion for hair and scalp science twenty years ago at the world-famous Philip Kingsley trichology clinic in Mayfair, London, before completing her full certification in trichology with the International Association of Trichologists in Australia and later joining the World Trichology Society.

She was fortunate to have been taught by Philip on multiple occasions, which ultimately has led to a successful career in trichology.

Jane is also a member of the following society’s, institutes and organisations.

• The World Trichology Society
• The International Association of Trichologists
• Australian Skin Health Institute
• International Trichoscopy Society
• Cicatricial Alopecia Research Foundation
• InterClinical Labs

Jane applied for and has been selected to take part in the Evidence Based Hair Fellowship (EBHF) Programme 2024/25 created by Dr. Jeff Donovan. Dr. Donovan is a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, a Fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology, a Fellow of the Canadian Dermatology Association, and a world-famous hair dermatologist.

Dr. Donovan created the EBHF to help broaden and nurture the clinical skills of health practitioners who are currently practicing in the field of hair loss to foster the development of the next generation of hair loss experts!

This programme is normally reserved for medical doctors and Jane is the only trichologist in Australia that was selected. This two-year programme will provide Jane with greater evidence-based knowledge to benefit her patients now and into the future.

Jane has successfully helped and mentored many women and men understand about their hair and scalp health. Her guidance, knowledge and expertise has put them in charge of their hair regrowth or scalp health journey.

She has also developed professional relationships with local medical doctors and integrative practitioners to ensure her patients receive the best care and advice when needed.

She continues her professional development by attending training seminars associated with hair, skin, dermatology, health and wellness.

This commitment to her work has led to many media and press companies asking for expert comments on published hair loss and scalp health articles.

She is the proud Australian Brand Ambassador for Pharma Hermetica and works closely with other brands such as Theradome, Grace Biogen, Apteka, Medicueticals and Philip Kingsley to provide the best options for her patients.

Away from the clinic, Jane is a keen amateur photographer, loves dogs, red wine, cheese, music and her husband!