A totally personalised 12-Week Health Programme.

As well as the care protocols, treatments and therapies we offer, the health of your hair and scalp can also be improved by improving all of the aspects of your overall health.

For better or worse, nutrition, sleep, mindset, movement, and environment can also impact health as these lifestyle habits are potential causes of physiological stress.

Stopping bad lifestyle habits and replacing them with better ones can accelerate progress with the results of hair and scalp health.

However, for many people stopping behaviours that are less than optimal for their health can be hard. Committing to lifestyle changes can be undermined without a managed transfer of knowledge, skills and support.

We recommend working with a health coach when stress from poor diet, movement, sleep, mindset and environmental factors (air quality, toxic chemicals, circadian synchronisation, electromagnetic fields) are contributing factors to hair, scalp and overall health

GeneLife Australia

Nick at GeneLife is a certified health coach and an expert in behaviour change, using the tools of nutrition, exercise and balance in all aspects of life, to reduce stress, and improve health.

He helps people improve their optimal health potential through scientifically validated personal wellness strategies. Strategies that support an individual’s genetics with nutrition, exercise, and stress-reduction tactics that are optimal for their personal objectives.

He works to coach behaviours that regain and retain health and reduce risk of the metabolic diseases associated with a 21st-century lifestyle and ageing: cancer, cardiovascular disease, cerebrovascular disease, dementia and diabetes.


Nick became a coach at the age of 54, after a significant journey to health, lowering his risk of cardiovascular disease, cerebrovascular disease, cancer and dementia, reversing pre-diabetes, cognitive decline, sleep apnea and losing 40 kilos in weight.

Nick uses that lived experience, his qualifications as a health coach and his passion for health to help people develop habits that increase energy, enhance cognitive function, improve stress and sleep, accelerate weight loss and slow down ageing and consequently help hair and scalp health.

Through The HairPhysio, GeneLife offer a totally personalised 12-Week Health Programme.

A totally personalised 12-Week Health Programme.

Each personal 12-week plan is created to the health situation, goals and speed required for each individual,

Beginning with an in-depth health assessment, each programme includes plans for addressing nutrition, exercise and lifestyle interventions and habit building.

The outcomes can include short-term improvements in hair/scalp health, cognitive function, stamina, strength, weight loss, stress and longer-term health risk lowering and slowing down ageing.

GeneLife are your advocates in health matters and provide ongoing support to assist you to accomplish your goals and aim to be the best version of you.

Breaking down the science and medical jargon so that you have an informed situation in which to make decisions.

12-Weeks Programme Package Includes:

  • A full health/lifestyle audit and analysis session to determine health, nutrition, exercise and lifestyle status
  • A personalised strategy to achieve your goals and actionable steps: including ancestral nutrition, exercise and lifestyle programmes
  • An induction ‘week’ of short daily emails to outline the principles in bite-sized pieces
  • A pantry audit to remove foods that will stall your goals, a shopping list of approved foods, and some cooking basics
  • A meal planning formula and weekly meal suggestions tailored to your goals, health and lifestyle situation.
  • Weekly coaching sessions (1 hour) for the first four weeks to check in to assess progress (and course corrections, if required).
  • Four more fortnightly coaching sessions (1 hour) over the remaining 8 weeks
  • Access to email/text message support as needed.

Normally $200 per week patients of The HairPhysio can get the programme at a discounted rate of $160 per week.

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