Introducing VITO, our new Virtual Integrative Trichology Online service.

For those people that aren’t able to take advantage of our full in-clinic consultations we are introducing an alternative way to access the advice and recommendations for hair and scalp issues.

The HairPhysio VITO consultation gives people the opportunity to be helped by a certified trichologist from any device connected to the internet, anywhere in the world.

The HairPhysio can help you identify and if possible, treat your hair or scalp health.


We adopt an integrative, functional and holistic approach to hair and scalp problems.

This means discovering and treating the underlying causes if we can, as well as the immediate appearance and feel of your hair.

The VITO process begins with our health questionnaire.

This is our opportunity to review things like your general health, family history, nutrition, lifestyle, medications and some other factors that can be relevant to hair and scalp issues.

At this stage we also ask, if possible, for you to take and send by email clear, well lit, high definition photographs of the areas of concern.

If this is ‘one spot’ in particular or an overall pattern having some idea of the issue photographically allows us to review your hair and scalp.

Take the picture under bright day light from above, the front, and the sides. If a friend can take the back this is also helpful.

If you’ve had recent blood tests send these through at the same time. We sometimes can see areas of concern that your GP might regard as ‘normal’, that may not be ‘optimal’ for hair growth.

Don’t worry if you haven’t got blood tests, after the consultation we will, if required, recommend any further tests we’d like to see.

We review the images and the questionnaire information and then schedule an appointment online via Skype or Zoom.

At the online consultation we follow up on any areas of your questionnaire we feel we’d like more information.

Consultations last approximately half an hour.

If we’ve not had a chance to review recent blood tests we would provide you with recommendations for a blood tests to complete the picture.

If blood tests are recommended we’ll arrange a complementary appointment to review these prior to making an assessment and recommendations.

The fee for the VITO consultation is $110 and will include reviewing the detailed questionnaire, images and blood tests, an online hair and scalp assessment, (a follow up consultation if required to review any blood test results) and a full report on the next course of action and recommended treatments.

This may involve further tests, Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis, that we can organise, or referral to other medical specialists for other testing.

This may involve recommending micro nutrient supplements, lifestyle changes, topical treatments or low light laser therapy (you can do at home).

We do not have a one-size fits all approach to solutions. Every treatment plan is individual to you.

That’s a lot of support for $110, and no obligation to buy anything else.